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Fletcher St.
2015 Winner
Best concrete pool under $50,000
Best commercial Project
Restoration of a historic building

This Amazing commercial and residential project with heritage significance is a 4 bedroom house, Bathroom, Ensuite, 2X WC and Pool. The owner wanted to maintain the historic elements with the building, including the original façade and roof line.

The property had major termite activity and damage which Stehnbuild had to remedy.

Low lying existing floor levels in relations to today’s flood zone level provides disable access with in tight existing openings.

Compartmentalising commercial fire restrictions and compliance were adhered to with sound insulation dividing the commercial and residential zones was implemented.

The converting roof spaces divide into habitable living spaces with ceiling heights greater than 2.4m give a luxurious feel.

We also constructed the pool with a ground water table of 900mm and all pool decking edge detail.

Stehnbuild created a private resident oasis with in the heart of Byron Bay.

The Farm.